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Miracle on 42nd Street in an important film and will inspire new ways of thinking about the value of the arts in our culture and the role of affordable housing in New York and other cities around the globe. The film stands as a timeless tribute to Manhattan Plaza’s incredible success which was the direct result of the creative community who called it home.

“Miracle on 42nd Street” is more than a documentary. It’s a story of the power of community filled with unlikely mixes of people interacting and finding empowerment, love, and enlightenment.” — Reel Honest Reviews

“Miracle on 42nd Street”

A one-hour documentary about the untold history and impact of the Manhattan Plaza apartment complex in New York City. Starting with the background of the blighted Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood and the building’s initial commercial failure in the mid-1970s, the story recounts how – in a moment of bold inspiration or maybe desperation – the buildings were “re-purposed” as subsidized housing for people who worked in the performing arts, becoming one of the first intentional, government supported, affordable housing for artist residences.