Emmy Award winning and Oscar nominated filmmaker Lisa Shreve has edited and produced over one hundred television documentaries, narrative films, newsmagazine segments, music videos and corporate films.

Lisa’s work has appeared on PBS, HBO, MTV, ABC, NBC, CBS as well as most of the major cable channels. She has worked with such figures as Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, John Stossel, Linda Ellerbee, Mike Wallace, Peter Jennings, Michael Bay, and Lisa Ling, among others.

A native of Philadelphia, Pa., Lisa moved to New York to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film from New York University School of the Arts (now Tisch School of the Arts) where Martin Scorcese was her professor. Prior to her career in television and films she acted in Off-Off Broadway theatre, worked as a still photographer and sang backup in “The Stilettos”, a seventies New York rock group.

Lisa is currently a producer/editor on “Miracle on 42nd Street”, an independent documentary scheduled for completion in 2017.